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We have jump started our new and improved Mentoring program for 2021. We have a collaborative network of nurses and healthcare professionals aligned to support clinical preparation, transition , and persistence to degree completion. Our program is designed to be a safe place for students and new nurses to be vulnerable and work through the challenges that arise as a novice nurse. 

Who can join?

  • Student Nurses and New Grads (LPN/LVN & RN)

  • Those that are ready and willing to do the work to grow in Nursing


What does the mentoring program include?

  • Personal Mentor

  • Private Group Chat

  • Group Discussions

  • Study Material/Tutoring/Recommendations

  • Guest Speakers/Presentations

  • Group Events

  • Scholarship Opportunities—for Louisiana residents only

What you will gain?

  • Professional Development/Leadership Development

  • Career Direction and Skills Development

  • Guidance to Overcome First-Year Challenges

  • Increase confidence in your abilities to be a strong nurse

  • Recognize your value, worth, and your Nurse Power

  • Transition into new roles – Switching specialties, received a promotion, travel nursing, etc.

Check out the form below to apply!

Student Application

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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