10 Tips for Transitioning into a Career in Travel Nursing

From my first blog post, you'd know that I took my leap of faith into travel nursing last year around this time. Being a shy, small town girl with big dreams and aspirations made it difficult for me to take a plunge into a new career as a travel nurse. One day I woke up with a new found confidence and made the final decision to step out of my comfort zone and start living my life for me. I knew that travel nursing would give me the opportunity to work with different patient populations and cases, as well as, be exposed to cutting edge technology and procedures.

With the current nursing shortage, experienced nurses are able to make their dream come true while remaining employed as a travel nurse for facilities with staffing shortages. I would also be able to manage my own career by planning my assignments around my professional goals and personal agenda. Once I was positive about the change, I took a year to figure everything out using my 10 preparation tips I am sharing with you. If you're considering a new career path in travel nursing, I am certain these tips will assist you in making your final decision.