How I improved my test taking skills ✨


Airway, Breathing and Circulation...remember the basics! Your ABC’s will save you most times. Developing awesome test taking skills is vital. I was one of many that failed Med Surg, yes, I failed a class—OMG. But what I gained during that moment was better test taking skills and I killed it after that! When answering questions, always think “what can I do first before calling the doctor?” That’s super important during school and even once you begin your career as a nurse. Doctors will always ask, “Well did you do this or that?” and you should always be able to tell them what interventions you tried prior to calling. As you start examining pathologies, know 1-2 characteristics of each. For example: What makes Osteoarthritis different from Rheumatoid Arthritis? Also, try not to cram. I would record lectures and listen to them at home. Taking notes on my own time helped me really understand the information and dissect the small details my instructor went over that I may have missed w