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It's beginning to look a lot Christmas!

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Hello beautiful people, are you in the Christmas spirit!? Obviously I am! Ha. The best part of the holiday season for me are the parties and fellow shipping. Work Christmas parties, celebrating with friends or sitting back with hot cocoa and reminiscing with family.

Work Christmas parties with your work crew are awesome because what other time do you get to sit back, chill and vent with a more relatable group of people? Furthermore, relaxing and discussing other things besides the stress of the job is helpful as well. Sometimes it feels like they are all you have. Family and friends listen to your stories because they love you and genuinely care about you but they cannot relate to what you actually go through. Having a close work team is the best!

Besides the parties and celebrating, the holiday season is the time that I find myself thinking more about those that are less fortunate. There are thousands of kids who don’t have a family to surround them with love or gifts to open on Christmas Day. I took the time out to adopt a child for Christmas through CASA this year in hopes to bring some joy to that special little person. Food banks and group homes are also other ways I give back during this time.

Growing up, it was just my mom and I after my dad passed away. Sometimes Christmas felt lonely to me even when surrounded by my loving family. The emptiness I feel every year will probably always follow me. I enjoy seeing big families—mom, dad, and kids all together sipping hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols and opening well thought out gifts from one another. “I want that one day” is repeated in my head over and over again.  One day I’d like to make that a reality for my future children.

With that being said--- enjoy this holiday season, love on one another, be thankful for all you’ve been blessed with and remember the smallest gift can bring a ton of joy!

Happy Holidays!


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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