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NEW AGENCY JOB! Different Specialty! Am I ready??!!

So as you all know, I completed my first ever travel assignment back in July. I’ve been on a break simply because most jobs available where I wanted to go (Texas) were low paying or not in my specialty. I became pretty down about the situation and thought that maybe it was a sign to stay home. If you watched my YouTube,I discussed how I kept my two PRN jobs back at home since I’m only asked to work once a month at either for the most part.

I was able to travel home from NOLA, work an extra day or two and still enjoy my off time. So for the past couple of months, I’ve been pretty much working full time hours between both locations. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that. Making your own schedule and earning more pay easily. Can’t beat that, right?

Lately, everything is becoming so routine again and I just feel like a burn out is coming very quickly so it’s time to get away. After weighing out my options and deciding that I don’t want to travel to the east coast or west coast to work at this time, I chose to give travel nursing another try within my home state. The pay is surprisingly awesome so that definitely added to my decision. Also, with this assignment I got super lucky and was offered a chance to try a new specialty area! Lucky?! I know right! I was super ecstatic simply because Med Surg can wear you out and I’ve always had the urge to do something different and more challenging. While in NOLA, I was a float pool nurse which opened my eyes to different areas but I didn’t frequent them super often since Med Surg/Tele units needed the most help. So this offer came at the perfect time *sigh of relief* I’ll be starting on a ER observation unit and will have a chance to float to ER when needed. So please stay tuned, I know I will have tons of stories to share. With switching specialities, I was also able to add 3 more certifications to my resume (PALS, NIH, and CPI) and will be adding one more before it’s all over (TNCC).

Am I nervous? Who wouldn’t be! Any form of change can be nerve wrecking.

Switching specialties can be SCARY. Especially on a travel assignment when your orientation time flies by like a blink of an eye. Although with ER obs I’ll still be doing some Med Surg duties, but learning a new computer system, all new staff and dealing with this population of patients will be very different. With that being said, I have to go back to the quote “You can do anything you put your mind to.” So I got this! I will remain positive even in the toughest moments and give this my all. This opportunity didn’t have to fall into my lap at all but it did (Thank you God! Blessings!). So here comes the “Perfect Patty” in me once again...I will not fail, she won't allow me to! I am so thrilled to be able to use this opportunity to learn, gain more experience and continue growing into the Fabuleux Nurse I know I am!

Pray for me.


No seriously, please do! :)

Diamond 💎 and I are all loaded up to take the journey to BR!

Talk soon!

Add me on Snapchat @keepinupwithc to follow my day to day journey as well as on IG @_chelseakouture for my story! You won’t want to miss this.


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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