Staying Organized: Creating your Travel Binder

You've made the decision to become a travel nurse and the fun is about to begin! But first things first: PAPERWORK. Doing your research, choosing the agency that best fits you and submitting your application is just the beginning. Once you accept an assignment, things start moving like lightening and it can be difficult to keep up. Travel nurse paperwork can give you the blues! There are several items that you will have to supply the agency with. Last minute request can make the process pretty stressful for you, your recruiter and/or compliance manager if you do not have easy access to these items. There is no time for procrastination. If you're not a fan of chaos and feeling overwhelmed like myself, don't fret, I have the solution for you to avoid the stress. The key is to stay organized and have everything easily accessible to you.

Building your Travel Nurse Binder