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I take the pledge to #StopStandSpeak against all forms of harassment! When I saw an ad for @iMaxAlarm, I had to get one.

Let’s discuss my personal experience with sexual harassment:

Over the last year, I’ve noticed an increase in sexual harassment towards all women and young girls in public and even in the workplace. In an article I read recently, it states “many women also mentioned how common sexual harassment from patients is. A poll published February 2018 by Medscape Medical Newsfound that 71 percent of nurses said they had been harassed by a patient.” 90% were women and 10% were males. Males can also be victims of sexual harassment, I’ve witnessed that as well, but they are less likely to report the incident.

The article also mentions, “Part of why the problem has persisted is because of the unique dynamic between a patient and a treatment team, experts say: Ethically, nurses and others must treat a sick patient.” Making the message clear that you are only here to treat them and will not tolerate their vulgar commentary only goes so far. There has been several times where I’ve had to either send a co-worker into a room for me or ask someone to join me in a room to perform any type of procedure in hopes that the patient/family member will behave.

Because of my age, I feel that some males in general and male patients take that as a weakness thinking that I will tolerate their indecent behavior. I’ve learned that you have to set boundaries and address the situation. Tell that person you are uncomfortable and will take further action if they continue. This method has helped me a lot more.

Also, as a young woman living in a single home and in a new city without most of my immediate family, the extra security comes in handy for me. With the iMax Alarm I feel safer and more secure. Super cute accessory and it’s not easily detected by harassers. I recommend these for everyone, especially young women and girls.

Are you ready to take the pledge too?


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse


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