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Top 10 Reasons Why Girl Trips Are Needed!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Recently I had a girls weekend with two of my closest friends, Courtney and Aaliyah. After having Aaliyah's bachelorette party in NOLA, we were excited to return. It's so great to have some quality time with your girls when you can. We're all at different phases of life but somehow we seem to make time for one another when it matters most.

This trip made me realize how girl trips are truly a necessity. I always leave them feeling incredibly content, blessed and empowered. If your group of friends aren't lifting you up, making you discuss the hard topics or giving you the feeling that you can do anything, you may need to do a little reevaluating. Choose your group wisely when planning your next trip. Weekends away help you live your best life and are a reminder to let your hair down every now and then. You look forward to them before you go, you love the company while you're there and you create memories that'll last for years to come. Shall I say more?

“Unapologetic, carefree, flawed and human.”


1. Reconnecting

We all know friendships can suffer if you're in a relationship, married or a workaholic like myself. We don‘t always intend for this to happen but when you live a busy life and try to balance a lot of relationships, things get complicated. Leaving the men at home will allow time for reconnecting and recalling memories of the friendship before life got in the way.

2. Life/Dating/Boy talk

Whether you are single, taken, married or in between, these talks--- especially about boys, are inevitable. Could be about the Ex that didn't make the cut, the cutie at 9 o'clock, or THE ONE that got away. Of course work stories, venting to one another and spilling a little tea will occur as well. Regardless, it will all be discussed.

3. Chill time - Relate & Relax

Deep breaths, no pressure, yoga, bars, fun adventures and 200% relaxation. Who's more relatable than your girls you've been kicking it with since the 90's?! Quality time with the girls is just as peaceful as taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. You can now release everything that you've been wanting to vent about and they are open ears for it all.

4. Reminiscing - Taking a trip down memory lane

Sitting back recalling memories before life got crazy allows you to see the growth of your friendship. Like wow, we really made it this far guys. From where we started until now, we are really doing something with our lives! Cheers to us!

5. Free to be your true self!

This is a huge one. Your girls are understanding, they just get it. They aren't going to hold you back especially when the turn up is long overdue. There is a sense of freedom that comes with girl trips that makes them so much better.

"Girl Trips display real friendship and sisterhood. We are often so caught up in what we look like or this image thing, forget that, just be you." -Tiffany Haddish

6. Total honesty - Judgement free zone

Comfort and honesty when you're with your girls is exactly what you need. Being friends for over a decade, you'd expect nothing but the truth from them.

"Sisterhood is about really holding each other accountable to be our very best and loving each other when we were our very worst." - Regina Hall

7. No pressure - Mental & Spiritual Detox

Traveling with your closest friends, who are in tune with you, allows you to be as free as a bird. There’s no pressure to be better, look better or go harder than anyone else. You’re allowed to be yourself, your true self. Trying to live up to what society expects of you is so exhausting, there's no need to worry about that when you're with your girls.

8. Happy Hour - Cheers!

Happy hours are a God send. The best part about going with girlfriends is that you can enjoy your self and not have to worry about what may happen after. You already know they'll forever have your back. The turn up was real!

9. Keep each other in check!

It could be your spending habits, the shot that is going to put you over the edge or the creepy guy that keeps bumping into you that looks better than you think, thanks to a little José. Regardless, your girls will keep you in check the whole time. Especially Courtney, the ultimate bodyguard. LOL. The men would appreciate that!

10. New Perspectives

These trips allow you to reconnect with people who help you see the world in a new light, support you wholeheartedly and will always push you to go above and beyond! You can share any idea, dream or plan and your girls are down to support at all cost. You won't find friends like these often. If you have friends like this, never let them go!

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Talk soon,


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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