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Why can't I just say no?!

Hello all!

Lately I’ve been feeling so burnt out and stressed. I’ve had very little to no desire to hang out in large groups or attend any social events whatsoever. These feelings don’t stop the influx of invitations to events/activities from friends and family. My body is telling me what my answer should be but the guilt of missing the smallest things eat me alive.


Why do we find it so hard to just simply say no? We will stress for hours, sometimes days, to find an easy way out. Being there for family and friends, can be so overwhelming sometimes. We push ourselves to be the best sister, cousin, aunt, or friend to the ones we love but we fail to do the same for ourselves. I know I do. Working 12 hour shifts, sometimes 6/7 days of one week, I will take my only off day and fill it with events for others instead of taking care of myself. As the years progress, this behavior is beginning to take a toll on my body mentally and physically. More urgent care trips, scary episodes at work...I have to give more respect to my body.





Why must we feel so guilty for doing what’s best for our bodies? Am I just agreeing to please people? Am I really going to be engaged in or much fun at this event or activity? Questions that need answers.

So just a few things that come to my mind when trying to turn someone down:

Firstly, I know I’ll always feel guilty but I have to remember that’s totally normal. Taking care of myself needs to come first. Self care is the key. How can I be there for others if I’m not caring for myself properly? Secondly, BE HONEST. Just tell the truth, if that’s your “friend” they should be more than understanding. Seems as if I’m much harsher on myself than my friends or family. I’m my biggest critic. Lastly, I must remember that this is ONE thing I’m missing. It’s not the end of the world. There will be plenty of opportunities awaiting me.

While I’m sitting here sharing my thoughts with you guys, let’s see if I can really put my words into action...

Talk soon.


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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