Wrapping gifts still? #OVERRATED

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Okay guys, is wrapping paper needed these days?? All I can think about is the mess it creates, the frustration of not cutting it in a straight line or cutting a piece too small for the present itself. Talk about some major temper tantrums being thrown— mainly by myself (LOL). Super fun for kids but for us, young adults, I really think we can move on to something that makes life easy. If you you don’t agree and are still up for the hassle of wrapping, let’s agree to disagree. *SHRUGS*

This year, I decided I’d do what I usually do for Birthday gifts and that is... gift baskets! Super cute, easy to open, no mess— WIN-WIN for me. To add a little flare to my Christmas baskets, I just happened to roll up on some actual Christmas baskets ($1/each) at Hobby Lobby, plus all Christmas items were 50% off. Just know I scooped up a pile of them, went straight home and got to work. Now add a little stuffing, arrange the items like a pro and there you go!


You could literally have a pair of socks, candy and wine, put it all together in basket form and there you have it— an adorable gift arrangement. This year was definitely a bargain gift Christmas. Your girl is trying to get a new car! An inexpensive, well thought out, gift sometimes means more than pricey material items.