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Wrapping gifts still? #OVERRATED

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Okay guys, is wrapping paper needed these days?? All I can think about is the mess it creates, the frustration of not cutting it in a straight line or cutting a piece too small for the present itself. Talk about some major temper tantrums being thrown— mainly by myself (LOL). Super fun for kids but for us, young adults, I really think we can move on to something that makes life easy. If you you don’t agree and are still up for the hassle of wrapping, let’s agree to disagree. *SHRUGS*

This year, I decided I’d do what I usually do for Birthday gifts and that is... gift baskets! Super cute, easy to open, no mess— WIN-WIN for me. To add a little flare to my Christmas baskets, I just happened to roll up on some actual Christmas baskets ($1/each) at Hobby Lobby, plus all Christmas items were 50% off. Just know I scooped up a pile of them, went straight home and got to work. Now add a little stuffing, arrange the items like a pro and there you go!


You could literally have a pair of socks, candy and wine, put it all together in basket form and there you have it— an adorable gift arrangement. This year was definitely a bargain gift Christmas. Your girl is trying to get a new car! An inexpensive, well thought out, gift sometimes means more than pricey material items.

Want to see the finished product??

Here’s my go to baskets below, step by step!

Gallery below⬇️

Merry Christmas!!


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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