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Do you know what today is?? It’s my NURSEaversary!🎶

It’s my’s my NURSEaversaryyyyy!🎶🎶


Reflecting... 2 years ago, 87 NCLEX questions, prayers and here I am today! Chelsea, BSN, RN. During that process, you couldn’t have told me I’d be where I am today! Forever grateful for my journey and will continue to go above and beyond in all that I do. I have so much in store for myself as well as my nurses group this year. At times it’s a bit overwhelming but the power of prayer and my support system is what keeps me going!


Something I’ve witnessed in the past but this week as well is that a little compassion goes a long way! As a nurse, you may be put into situations that may make you uncomfortable at times but your response has the ultimate effect on the outcome. Let’s just say a patient is a hugger but you’re not, the patient is a chatter and you’re not, etc. Sometimes taking just a few quick minutes to satisfy that patient’s needs rather than pushing them to the side, will make your shift go a little smoother. Although you may not fulfill their every need, the smallest gestures can make a difference. Remember, we didn’t become nurses just for the title..we play a critical role in caring for patients. Make the letters, don’t let the letters make you! Always remember that!


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse✨👩🏾‍⚕️

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