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Second Career?! #ProfessionalBridesmaid

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Just kidding guys, but on a serious note this is the age where everyone is settling down, getting married and starting families. Watching my three friend's waltz off with their new hubbies definitely had me wishing I was in their shoes. Then BOOM! I realized the last time I wished for something, I ended up with DD boobs in the 6th grade.. whew chile, NEVER AGAIN! If you’re not there yet, no worries! I, myself, am not there yet either. The longer you wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when you get it.


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This year I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid for two weddings and Maid of Honor for one. Picked to be the bride's sidekick? #blessed (More like #stressed) Thankfully I was blessed..surprisingly (Haha) Two childhood friends and one sorority sister were some of the most beautiful brides ever. 2018 was their year for sure! When I tell people I was in 3 weddings this year, they respond with “How did you survive?” “Why would you ever agree to 3?” “You’re going to be a professional at this soon!” My response is always, "Someone has to do the same for me one day." I was super lucky to avoid dealing with the ultimate bridezilla’s (like I envision myself to be); they were so laid back for the most part. 

Of course being a bridesmaid is much easier than being Maid of Honor. Try figuring out what to do when something becomes a headache that even extra-strength Excedrin can’t cure. So for me, I’m a planner and my friend already was prepared for my early planning. I had the bachelorette weekend planned almost a year in advance with a hotel picked out plus a full itinerary. My childhood best friend and I have discussed our dream weddings for years with one another so when the time came, there was nothing to stress about. Knowing what’s expected of you that far in advance makes life so easy. Although everything was planned early, the anxiety that came with ensuring the bachelorette party was a success, updating the bridesmaids, writing the speech and keeping the bride stress free when the big day arrived was overwhelming. 

To be successful, here are some of the tips I stuck with that can apply to both MOH or bridesmaid:

  • Stick by the brides side for important appointments such as: Picking out bridesmaid dresses or watching her pick THE DRESS of her dreams. 

  • Get the bridesmaids involved with early planning for the bachelorette party or other events when everyone is available. 

  • Throw an awesome bachelorette party! We sure had the best time in NOLA. I definitely recommend New Orleans as a good location. 

  • Help the bride forget about the stressors and have fun at events leading up until the big day. 

  • When she is tied up in bigger tasks, be the go to communicator for her!

  • Rock you speech! (And this is where I almost failed lol) I’m not a fan of public speaking—she knows this— so the expectations were not super high for me. My nerves got the best of me and the wine brought out another side of me. Just know you had to be there to understand. Good times. 

  • Go the extra mile on the big day. Sit back, relax, stay calm during little chaotic moments, and don’t make a big deal out of nothing. If she sees you’re calm, some of that good energy will transfer to her. Peace is the goal!

Good luck future MOH’s and Bridesmaids!

Enjoy the photo gallery down below :)


Chelsea Kouture 

The Fabuleux Nurse 

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