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Thank you 2018, Next!

New year, new me? Ha, I think not!

Keeping it the same per usual, with my EXTRA self!

This past year was pretty good to me. There were some ups and some downs, but overall, I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t really call these New Year's resolutions since they’re pretty much yearly life goals. Continuing to lead a healthier lifestyle, staying positive, complaining less, praying more, focusing on myself and my own personal goals and the list goes on.

What are some things you want to continue or change?

Thank you 2018 for giving me a good run. From the highs to the lows, I pushed myself through it and came back full of life and ready to take on anything. Ended the year with a bang! Launched my Non-Profit organization/Nurses group —Fabuleux Nurses— received new career opportunities and bought my first car! I’m so proud of the woman I’m becoming! *Pats self on back*

Here’s the thing guys. No matter how you enter this year, whether you’re moving towards a bright season, whether you’re dragging across the finish line or digging your way out of a tough hole, you can do it! The only thing that could ever hold you back, is yourself. Never be afraid of taking a huge leap of faith, don’t stress about the outcome! The new year brings hope and with it, a renewed desire for change. Here’s to a bigger and better year.

Take the job, book the trip, buy what you want, try something new, stop trying to fit in and build a new table.. Live your BEST LIFE!— And always remember to stay Fabuleux!

Happy New Year!


Chelsea Kouture

The Fabuleux Nurse

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